Ian Webb – Former Chairman of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the world’s governing body of golf

I have been fortunate over a number of years now to benefit from Grant Hepburn’s help with my golf swing.  He has always impressed me with his ability to analyse the swing and to quickly find an improvement or remedy to the fault or faults. In doing this he has been able to communicate in simple language and by demonstration what needs to be done.

He does not fall into the coach’s common trap of producing a radical change that is impossible for the golfer to implement. He has also been a great help to me with my short game and has lots of tips and experience to make this part of the game easier. I would thoroughly recommend Grant’s coaching to any golfer regardless of ability.

Ian WL Webb

James Kingston – SA Open Champion and multiple winner on the European Tour

A few years ago I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Grant Hepburn on my swing. His knowledge about the golf swing amazed me and together with his unbelievable passion, not only to teach, but also to learn more, were prominent ingredients in helping rebuild my swing in order to become a better player.

I would at all times, recommend Grant to anyone wanting to improve their golf game to a much higher level.

In short, Grant is not only a great student of the game, which makes him a great teacher, but he is also an ambassador to the game of golf.

Richard Sterne – SA Open Champion and multiple winner on the European Tour

I have used Grant Hepburn’s services as coach and/or consultant on my golf game for the past 7 years. I consider his knowledge and experience to be world class. He has certainly helped me to achieve some of my goals, like winning the SA Open and Alfred Dunhill Championship, through his advice and expertise on the mechanics of golfing technique.

I have no hesitation in recommending Grant as coach to anyone wishing to improve their game and gain a better understanding of their technique. He has a wealth of experience coaching both tour players and amateurs and he is able to communicate complex technical information in simple terms.

Steve Waugh – Former Australian cricket captain and legend of the game

As a former professional sports person I know that the best coaches are the ones who can impart knowledge in a simple, concise   manner.  Grant Hepburn not only does this with his impressive communication skills, he makes you enjoy the game more by having a laugh along the way.  His method, demeanor and depth of insight into the game make it fun to learn alongside him.

He has transformed my game each time I’ve played the Dunhill Links and I’ve walked away a 5-7 shot better player.  I only wish he was an “Aussie” so I could keep the momentum going all year round.  The compelling aspect to his coaching is how quickly and succinctly he can identify areas to rectify and work on and then provide routines and drills to make improvements a reality.

Grant is a special coach because he goes on the journey with you and together you can achieve more.

Always 100%

Steve Waugh

Sean Fitzpatrick – Legendary former New Zealand rugby captain

I had my first lesson with Grant at the Dunhill Links many moons ago!

Grant has enabled me to understand the simple principles of the golf swing and given me the confidence to believe I can play the game. He has a great manner and way of getting his message across.

I would be delighted to recommend Grant to all golfers who find the game both fascinating and frustrating as I am confident his patient and precise tuition will enable all his students to get a great deal more enjoyment from the game. I play golf for the fun and friendship which I know is fundamental in his approach to the game.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Tico Torres – Bon Jovi founding member and drummer as well as a world renowned painter and sculptor

I’ve known Grant almost 15 years, which is when I first attended the Dunhill tournament in Scotland.

Grant has a unique ability of teaching and talking in a language I can relate to.  It translates into terms I can understand when it comes to the logics of the golf swing.  He creates a mental picture that not only shows me the correct paths and movement but also the way to execute it over and over again.

I believe that most times we amateurs make it more difficult than it should be, and we stumble and create anxiety.  It’s great to have someone like Grant to call on when our swing wavers, to chip away the fear and replace it with concrete mechanics.

You can’t go wrong with Grant Hepburn, it’s an investment that will pay you dividends for your golfing life.

Tico Torres (Bon Jovi)

Don Felder – Music legend and member of hugely successful rock band The Eagles

I first meet Grant Hepburn at the Dunhill in 2003.  At that time I had a terrible slice and was struggling with my game in general.  Grant was able to correct my problem and set me straight in very short order.

I look forward to returning to the Dunhill every year and to seeing Grant.  I make it a point every year to work with Grant in the morning and afternoon every day I can.  He is truly one of golf’s treasures and has helped many people in this world with his professional yet personal skills.  I owe a great deal to Grant to this day for all he has done to improve my game.  I would recommend anyone with an ambition to improve their game to spend time with Grant and watch a major transformation in themselves.

Cheers buddy,

Ruud Gullit – Played for Holland and was World Footballer of the Year

Dear Grant

I want to thank you for your dedication and your patience in teaching me how to improve my golf swing. It has been a huge advantage each time you have helped me with my game.

It’s a pity that I see you only once a year.  I watch the instructional CD’s that you made me a lot.  Each time I do that it really helps to remind me of my bad tendencies and how to fix them, which helps me to play well again.


R Gullit

Johnathan Joseph (DJ Spoony) – World famous DJ, British radio personality and sports pundit

Grant, great news, the base-balled grip player that swung too quickly and over-the-top producing a wicked cut has gone!! You have now created a golfer that shot +5 at Royal Birkdale, +4 at The Grove and +1 at The London Club. Wow!! Not bad off 8.7 (I was 18.4 when you started with me)

It has been a long but fun journey and whether you were teaching me in Cape Town, London, Scotland, Europe or America I’ve always enjoyed every minute on the range or the course. I found your style and teaching easy to understand and more importantly easy replicate.

I’m yet to make that magical level par score but I’m sure that as long as I keep doing what you’ve taught me it won’t be long.

Thanks coach and friend.

Johnathan ‘Spoony’ Joseph

Dean Lambert – Winner on Sunshine Tour

In my experience working with Grant I found that he has an incredible knowledge of the golf swing and its mechanics.

His greatest gift is in applying that knowledge to the individual swings and solving inherent flaws.


Dean Lambert


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