Unlimited Lessons

This is a totally new and unique concept in South Africa.  Our Director of Golf Grant Hepburn has worked all over the world and has brought the idea of Unlimited Lessons back from America where it is a popular choice for many golfers.

The idea is to have access to unlimited lessons all year round for an annual fee.  If you are in a program offering unlimited lessons you will be able to slot into numerous sessions a week along with other learners.  In those sessions you will be able to work on your swing under the supervision of our highly trained coaches.  Many people take lessons and then don’t practice what they have been coached in the correct manner.  In an Unlimited Lessons scenario you will be able to practice perfectly every time.  If you are having trouble on a particular day you will able to receive a lesson from your coach during the practice session.  Your swing and golf game will be under constant supervision and you will be learning new things about your game all year round.

This is an economical option for any golfer that is serious about improving their game over a period of time and wishes to make a commitment to doing just that.  Contact us to discuss a program suitable for you.


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